Pilli Pure 40x40


by Pilli Healthy Sleep

222,00 zl

Pilli Pure 40x40

A perfect travel companion or a pillow for those who love to have additional, handy one on their bed. Our 40x40 cm pillows will give you convenience even in less comfortable conditions.

Pillis are 100 % natural, free from pesticides and do not casue allergies.

Our kapok stuffing will provide you softness and convenience, giving you a perfect support for your head and neck.

40x40 Pillow not only guarantees a succesful rest, but also a healthy sleep wherever you find yourself to be.

Dimensions: 40x40 cm.

Stuffing: 440* grams of eco-kapok

Inner pillow-case: Ecological cotton fabric

*If you find your Pilli too stuffed, you can use a convenient, hidden zipper to remove some of the kapok. Put it away safely as you might want to add some later on.